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It's good to be back.

I wasn't sure if I'd ever want to leave the South Bank this summer, but I have to admit that I'm really quite pleased to be back here at Hogwarts. This will be an incredibly important year for you two especially, and I admit I'm a little more than fascinated to see how things progress with Draco's pregnancy. This is something I've read about extensively since the news broke, but it's another thing altogether to actually witness an event of such magnitude.

Honestly, a male wizard having a baby. I hope that all of you realise the significance of what you're privy to.

Term thus far has proven to be challenging, particularly Potions - but that is to be expected from a Professor of Snape's calibre. Unlike some Professors who shall remain nameless, Professor Snape doesn't dawdle around with silly reviews at the start of a new term. Anyone who had done their summer reading wouldn't need reviews anyway.

Draco, will I see you on Prefect duty this evening? As Head Girl, I'd be more than willing to fill in for you if you are not feeling up to par. Just let me know and I will owl Professor McGonagall to notify her of the change. It's very important that you're getting enough rest right now - and judging by the shadows under your eyes at breakfast this morning, I take it you aren't. Somehow I think I know where the blame lies. Honestly, Harry.
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